This notice is on the behalf of INTERMODAL CARGO SOLUTIONS

Intermodal Cargo Solutions ( ICS ) will continue to operate during the lockdown as previously advised. 

ICS facilities and transport remain 100% operational to ensure no disruption to the logistics chain, however the circumstances are unprecedented in our time and even with the best planning we expect disruption to our transport and our workforce.


We are unable to give definitive answers to many of the questions but will endeavour to keep updating our clients on a regular basis. This communication is intended to answer some of the questions being asked at this time;


  1.   Question: Will containers still be collected from the terminal?

Answer: As long as the terminal remains open and the authorities allow vehicles access.

  1.   Question: Will transporters still be able to collect/deliver cargo to and from the CFS?

Answer: ICS remains open to assist and facilitate the fluidity of goods unless otherwise notified.

  1.   Question: Will cargo be moved between centres ie: Durban to Johannesburg

Answer: ICS will continue to provide transport to other regions within the parameters of the law and availability of trucks/equipment

Local distribution will continue within the parameters of the law and subject to availability

  1.   Question: Will ICS assist with storage leniency for Groupage Cargo?

Answer: ICS is a commercially orientated and flexible company, even though we can’t waiver storage charges we have a variety of options during this lockdown period;

  1. For cargo that is customs cleared – cargo can be moved to our freestore/supply chain facility under the following conditions ( therefore attracting lower storage charges ):
  • If there is no other option available to the client to store the goods
  • Arrangements must be made prior to the free time/grace period ending
  • This only applies to non-hazardous goods. Hazardous groupage cargo will be charged at the prevailing tariff and in line with our current terms and conditions
  1. Cargo not customs cleared – all current tariffs are applicable

The above options are subject to space availability



As mentioned before, the circumstances and environment are changing daily, we will endeavour to keep our clients updated at all times via notices and websites. We would ask our clients, service providers and parties that do business with us, to be mindful of the situation we are all in and to stand together to overcome this challenge we face.