We have been informed that Abidjan customs require all palletised and bundled cargo destined for Abidjan

be shrink wrapped in black shrink wrap.


If pallets or bundles are not shrink wrapped on arrival in our agent’s warehouse, they will have to arrange this.

The shipper will be liable for this cost at USD 25 per pallet.


Please be reminded that each piece of cargo destined for Abidjan must be marked with the name and address of final consignee.  

Weights shown on cargo must also tie up with weights on the hb/l.

If the above is not done, then we will arrange to label cargo at a cost of USD 5 per piece.


Any discrepancies in the marks will be fined by Abidjan customs and billed to shipper.


We thank you in advance for your understanding.


Kind Regards

Thrutainers International