Dear Partners,

As you may be aware, all shipments to Zimbabwe require a loading authority process to occur. This means that the cargo waits in our Durban CFS until such time as the consignee has paid their duties to their nominated clearing agent.

The duties are prepaid to avoid the truck being delayed at the border. The consignee’s clearing agent then gives the authority to load this shipment.

Thrutainers offer the consignee’s 14 days free storage from date of unpack to sort out their Loading Authority. Failure to do so within the required free time causes storage to incur which currently is recovered from the consignee.

Due to the change in banking regulations in Zimbabwe, it is very difficult to get funds out the country which means that going forward this storage charge will be billed back to the shipper.

To assist with avoiding this storage charge, the shipper must please send all required documents necessary for Zimbabwe import clearance to the consignee timeously and advise the consignee of the shipped on board date in order for consignees to track their cargo.

Another issue is that most of the contact details received on the hb/l are incorrect which delays our agent contacting consignee to sort out their loading authority.  Please ensure that these consignee details are correct and valid.

We trust we can rely on your support.

Thrutainers International