Department of Mineral Resources and Energy has announced that South African consumers will see fuel prices for January change slightly.  The main reason for the fuel price changes are directly related to the average Brent crude oil price that increased per barrel during the period under review.  

We will see 93 (ULP and LRP) decrease by 4 cents and 95 (ULP and LRP) decrease by 14 cents, and the price of diesel (0.05% Sulphur) and (0.005% Sulphur) will increase by 9 cents a litre.

Following the most recent announcement by the Department of Energy, Thrutainers International have increased our Fuel Surcharge (FSP) to 5.96%  and our Merchant Haulage to remain at R 4.00 w/m. The new surcharges are effective 1st January 2020.