This notice ( v12 ) is on behalf of INTERMODAL CARGO SOLUTIONS ( ICS ). 

Once again we would like to express our thanks to all the Groupage Operators, Clearing Agents and Transporters who have made the switch to our Groupage Online Rapid Booking System (RBS). 

It has come to our attention that customers are experiencing a few obstacles when using our online tools. 

To alleviate these difficulties and ensure prompt and efficient completion of RBS, we have highlighted the most frequent errors preventing customers from finalising the online process:

- Clearing Agent has not accepted the charges prior to arranging / booking a groupage cargo collection; this prevents the transporter from proceeding to the booking screen without first contacting the Clearing Agent. 

- The Bill of Entry Number / Date or Pin has been captured incorrectly; the system will show a data capture error.

- The Clearing Agent's financial account is in arrears ( or COD ) or the account is over-trading.

- The consignment has been put on hold pending a regulatory stop by Border Police, Port Health or SARS. 

- Access to our ICS website has been blocked by our customers' server due to various firewalls.

- Clearing Agent is unable to log onto the ICS website because they are not registered. 

- The Groupage Operator has not informed ICS that there is a mini groupage or split consignment and therefore ICS outturned cargo incorrectly for multiple shipments / HBL's.

To support our customers in overcoming these obstacles, we have added specific guidelines to our Self Help menu that deal with each of these errors individually. 

We understand that change is necessary as we try overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and have adapted our business accordingly.

We thank you for working with us during this extraordinary time.